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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Definition

The Kulievย Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) fills a long standing, frustrating industry void and seamlessly links the purchaser with vendors. SCMS uses a proven backbone of online interconnectedness and reporting which is intuitive and highly productive. System integration and support is straight forward using standard data migration tools.

Volatility, turmoil, production constraints and missteps are greatly reduced as SCMS has the efficiency and intelligence to predict, if not prevent, supply chain disruptions before they occur.

Kuliev SCMS team collaborates with companies helping them to work smarter and extract maximum benefit as supply chain days are reduced and goods are delivered exactly when scheduled.

Kuliev SCMS features and advantages:

  • Reduce Supply Chain Days
  • Reduce Management Costs
  • Improve Fill Rates
  • Highly efficient and productive โ€“ negotiate and track thousands of purchase orders simultaneously
  • Visibility โ€“ See and act on the right information
  • Eliminate email and burdensome email threads
  • Milestone Tracking โ€“ real time milestone status and disposition of production orders and arrival date
  • Automated Shipment Booking
  • Shipment Consolidation Management
  • Factory Scorecarding
  • Improved Inventory Management
  • Business Process Framework replicates success
  • Intuitive
  • Robust and Secure
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SCM Solutions

In creating a comprehensive menu of value-added services, Kuliev offers a full range of Supply and Distribution Chain Management and Operations Solutions.ย  Our management and technology solutions have proven to be effective and flexible since inception and will bring tangible value to your supply chain.

  • Performance Management. Kuliev Supply and Distribution Chain Operations provide you with both web based tools and/or reports to track your supply chain and operational performance.ย  Key Performance Indicators (KPIโ€™s) will indicate when any aspect of performance falls below expectations. Corrective actions may include, but are not limited to, conference calls, emails, written instructions, and correction and/or removal of the offending supplier from a line of business. Scorecards rank historical performance of all aspects of operations and suppliers.
  • Business Excellence Services.ย Kuliev will provide you access to our senior managers and partner consultants that will share our best practices used to achieve our award winning level of operation excellence and growth including: Compliance Assistance, Trading Partner Compliance, Operational Process Improvement, and Sourcing Strategies.
  • Rate and Contract Negotiation.ย Kuliev provides the highest value in our rare structure and services offerings.ย  Kuliev will work with our partners to administer and evaluate an annual Request for Proposal (โ€œRFPโ€) for best service level and pricing available.ย  Kuliev upon request will negotiate contracts with multiple providers to fulfill all client service requirements which will be presented for client approval.
  • EDI Services.ย Kuliev provides turn-key EDI, AS2 solutions for ALL documents for ALL major retailers.ย  We can utilize your established mailboxes and accounts or establish new ones.ย  Kuliev can review your current EDI rates and services structure to acquire and/or provide better rates and EDI management services for you.
  • Supply and Distribution Chain Management.ย Kuliev can manage and monitor all aspects of your supply and distribution chain providing you with complete visibility through our on line tools and reporting including: the placement and tracking of on-time completion of factory production orders, the logistical scheduling and management of the transportation and clearing of your product, the delivery of your good to distribution point, the quality assurance of your product, vendor compliance, distribution of your product to the vendor, distribution quality assurance, returns management, chargeback dispute and reconciliation, and inventory management.
  • Back Office Services.ย Kuliev enterprise systems provide turn-key functionality including product master and attributes, customer master and attributes, customer order management, production order management, cost and margin actualization, A/R management, charge back management, and warehouse management including other 3PL management.ย  Kuliev will integrate its enterprise system and customer services team with your business to provide you with the level of systemization, control and management and/or on line access to the Kuliev systems that you require.
  • RFID.ย Kuliev provides end-to-end RFID compliant solutions.

Innovations in Distribution & Back Office Management

Kuliev Distribution Services provides companies with a single solution forย inventory warehousing,ย distribution,ย crossdocking,ย pick and pack,ย supply chain management, andย back office solutions. If you are looking forย FTZ warehouseย services, let Kuliev show you the cash-flow and tax advantages of establishing a warehouse in a Foreign Trade Zone.

Kulievโ€™s full service approach to supply chain management allowsย Kuliev clients toย focus on product development, sales and marketing while Kuliev handles the rest. Increased profitability, operational efficiency and rapid sales growth are often realized.

Kuliev does not believe in a โ€œone-size fits allโ€ business model.ย  You can pick and choose our outsourced services to fill openings in your supply chain.ย  Let our executive team demonstrate how Kuliev can seamlessly integrateย into your existing supply chain infrastructure.

Kuliev Distribution Services quickly and cost effectively builds the business infrastructure, even with large businesses. Kuliev accomplishes this with advanced technology and proven business practices. Kulievโ€™s business scope is truly unique among logistics providers.

Kuliev Distribution Is Your Full Service Logistics Partner


  • Bulk
  • Pick/Pack/Replenishment
  • Inventory Management
  • Reticketing/Repackaging
  • Returns Management
  • E Commerce

Customer Service

  • Order Management
  • Retail Sell Through Analysis
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Reporting
  • EDI Setup and Maintenance
  • Internet CRM

Supply Chain Management

  • Production Order Tracking
  • In House Customs Brokerage
  • Foreign Trade Zone Management
  • Advantageous Ocean Freight rates

Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable

  • Deduction Management
  • A/R Management
  • A/P Management

Award Winning 3PL Company

Our experience in the apparel supply chain management business allows Kuliev Distribution to offer turnkeyย apparel warehouseย facilities. Our warehousing services can be expanded for the unique needs of our clients to include back office solutions; invoicing, payables and receivables.

Kuliev Distribution has over 100 years of experience in distribution and servicing high profile national merchants. Among its many industry awards, Kuliev has been named Manufacturer of the Year by the American Apparel and Footwear Association and Supplier of the Year by top retailers.

Kuliev Distribution Services quickly and cost effectively builds an apparel supply chain management infrastructure to meet the needs of clients; large and small. Our advanced technology and proven business practices keep our clients goods moving to retail and distribution outlets on schedule . Kulievโ€™s business scope is truly unique among 3PL companies.

Why Kuliev

The logistics universe is littered with failed, taxing, and tenuous 3PL relationships. Let Kuliev Distribution Services show you another world.

Since 2008, Kuliev has lived by the words of its founder;ย Honesty, Integrity, Qualityย andย Value.

As you enter our facilities, two simple rules will greet you.

Rule #1 The Customer is always right.
Rule #2 If the Customer is ever wrong, reread Rule #1.

This may help explain why Kuliev is one of the fastest growing full service logistics providers in the United States.

Our dedication has delivered โ€œAward Statusโ€ results. Many of our clients have received coveted โ€œSupplier of the Year Awardsโ€ from major retailers. Our goal is to help you achieve enviable logistic scorecard grades from your retail partners to drive business and profitability.

Our proprietary business solutions

  • Supply chain management
  • Retail sales analysis
  • Replenishment inventory management
  • Cross dock
  • Pick and pack
  • Garment on hanger
  • Ecommerce distribution

Let us show you how our technology and advanced business practices can work harmoniously to improve your bottom line.ย Please call or emailย us for a prompt quotation. We are ready to serve you.

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